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Hometown: Catasaqua, PA

Resides in: Brooklyn, NYC

Sponsors: 5boro, Spitfire, Thunder, Nike, Volcom, Roughneck Hardware, and Homebase Skateshop.

In the Van Since: day one

How did you get on the 5? Slamming on my ass hard as fuck a thousand times and getting heckled by SteveR and Nardelli.

First Board: A hand me down Lance Mountain caveman

Food: Over Bitches.

Music: Townes Van Zandt, Ghostface, Baby Huey, Menahan Street Band, whatever im feeling at the time.

Inspiration: family, friendship and progression.

When you’re not skating: hanging with my girl and our dog, eating, bowling or working construction.

Favorite dude to sit next to in the Van? J.Barnes

Worst dude to sit next to in the Van? J.Barnes

Favorite 5boro Trip: First trip to Peru, France last year, old KrudCo Demos…never a dull moment with the 5B crew.

10 years from now: Family life, still skating, hopefully have bowled by first 300.